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Thanks for visiting our site, without a doubt our communities and nation are at a critical point. God’s Word tells us to take actions to invite His mighty presence among us. It is our responsibility to learn what characteristics attract Him to communities and to be obedient and faithful to demonstrate these qualities.

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In 1999, George Otis, Jr., desired to give intercessors evidence of the power of prevailing prayer. With over 15 years of research and observations gathered from transformed communities, George was able to identify the common threads of transformation that include reproducible biblical principles. These principles led to The Journey ToTransfomation, a process designed for the purpose of preparing  communities for a Divine visitation and subsequent societal transformation.

As you explore the information on this site, pray for God’s guidance as you consider beginning The Journey to Transformation.

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To see God's purposes for America fulfilled through sustained prayer and Spirit-led obedience.

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